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Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

In Belgium, e-commerce is booming. We nearly spend 12 billion euros a year. It’s no surprise that we do almost half of our shopping online. Our shopping experience is completely different due to artificial intelligence. And it’s done so subtle that you probably don’t even notice.

Automation in warehouses

First of all, the warehouse is an essential component of e-commerce. Parcels are sorted, packed and categorized. A fast delivery time is one of the most important criteria for a consumer. Although there are only a few ways in which AI has shaped e-commerce, the scalability of AI in online retail will only increase. This means better customer relations and sales figures.

Predictive sales

AI algorithms are able to see patterns in customers behavior. Predictive sales also help in organizing and managing warehouse inventories. This ensures that the company is well supplied, especially with the products for which there is a lot of demand.


Chatbots: they don’t always provide you with the most intelligent answers. However, due to new technologies the way chatbots assist customers is improving. Most bots succeed in assisting customers in their search for the desired product. Is the product available online? What are other relevant product?

In most cases, chatbots also connect the consumer to a human operator whenever they wish. This means a huge improvement for customer services: chatbots can assist for standard conversations while people can assist in more complex problems.

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