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Is paying for antivirus worth it?

Is it worth paying for antivirus? It’s hard to put a price tag on digital safety. Take malware for example. These sneaky little codes find their way into your devices and transmit your private information to computers far away that are operated by fraudsters. The result could translate into anything from cyber criminals draining your bank account to holding all your information hostage by freezing your device and asking for a ransom.

How much precaution is too much precaution?

As with real life, being cautious online can prevent a lot of trouble. However, it’s not fool proof. When your information is stored in the likes of a doctor’s office, department store database or credit union, your information is only as safe as the weakest online security these companies use.

This brings us to the biggest challenge of Internet security – choose free vs paid Internet security?

Free antivirus software

It’s free. When on a tight budget this may help. But remember there is no such thing as a free meal. Free antivirus software comes with its own baggage.

While most free antivirus software comes with good ratings, there is only so much it can do. It will provide basic level protection. You may have to upgrade to the paid form to get comprehensive coverage. Free software may not be able to keep up with the dynamic changes in the cyber landscape. Some of the free antivirus software comes loaded with advertisements that may slow your device.

There is also the risk of disclosing your personal information and leaving your device open at the mercy of a free service. All your sensitive transactions, irreplaceable photos and files reside on your device. Putting your trust on a free service is putting too much at stake.

Paid antivirus software

Paid antivirus software has a lot to offer. It is backed with excellent customer support and guarantee. Not only does it defend against hackers, viruses, spyware and malware, antivirus also safeguards your identity and online transactions.

It is popularly believed that paid antivirus is for people who use their devices for more complex and high-end tasks. However, the truth is cyber criminals are not just after your device any more. They are after the sensitive information on your device. They are capable of stealing your money, your identity and your information. What may seem unimportant to you can fetch a high price in the underground economy. With new threats like spyware and data breaches everyone is capable of becoming a prime target for cybercrime irrespective of how tech savvy they are. The best defense is to invest in a security suite that offers comprehensive protection and excellent customer support.

Free or paid? What’s the conclusion?

When it comes to digital safety, buying an antivirus security suite is a small price to pay. With the potential to spend countless hours and a hefty financial cost trying to fix what was lost due to security oversight, buying a security suite seems like the best option. Letting the experts use state of the art technology to fight new threats for a small amount seems like the logical thing to do.

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