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New transportation technology for aviation sector

Aviation is a challenging sector in terms of innovation. While the majority of today’s business world is evolving rapidly thanks to the latest technologies, it all moves a little slower within the aviation industry. Oscars, a specialised integrator within the sector, knows all about it.

Company: Oscars Customer: Aviation sector Solution
Specialised integrator with a focus on the aviation sector The broad domain of the airport sector, including transport to and from the site Oracle Spatial

Challenge: Digitise the turnaround time

Within the sector, turnaround time is defined as the time that the aircraft spends parked. Eurocontrol ensures that the aircraft can land and take off. Once they’re parked, all the operations on the plane can start. “This operation is being treated harshly at a lot of airports,” sighs Jehasse. “While in the air and taxiing, everything is great, but once the plane is parked, the technology disappears and fax and walkie-talkie dominates.”

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