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Podcast: What type of smart home devices should you stay away from?

Ten years ago, the podcast seemed to be a hype. But today, the audio format is back on track. The technology media platform IoT For All releases every week a new episode about IoT related topics.

We already gave you 10 reasons why you should start with smart home, but what are the smart home devices you should stay away from?

On this #AskIoT episode, Tony Mauro, CTO of Plasmatic Technologies, discusses how to produce real ROI from your smart home devices (hint: it’s the data), the types of connected home products to stay away from and what role insurance and utility companies are playing in the smart home space.

What will you learn from this podcast?

  • What benefits do you get from using connected home data for insurance and energy savings?
  • How do you overcome the challenges of a fragmented connected home device market?
  • Is it better to stick with one brand for smart home products? Or do I better buy from multiple vendors and work on integrating them together?
  • Are there any smart home products to stay away from?
  • Have you seen any smart home products that scare you?

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