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Smart IoT: solutions beyond the hype

Many people see the flashy, consumer side of IoT that’s filled with flying devices, robots that carry items for you, and coffee pots with data analytics. Those things are great fun, but when it comes to building a business around the IoT opportunity, there’s a world left untouched by many of your peers in the channel.

Through our interactions with vendors, network engineers, facilities managers, and a plethora of other people across the spectrum of IoT, we’ve come up with a list of the hottest IoT solutions today. These are solutions that, when implemented, will produce solid, long-term results for your customers.

These solutions hold the most promise:

In the next five to 10 years, the solutions we just mentioned will most likely be on the ‘hot’ list. For today’s best options, you’ll want to focus on these IoT solutions:

Smart spaces

  • Intelligent parking: Use private and public parking spaces, inside and outside, more efficiently.
  • Smart meeting room: For more and efficient use and reduced energy consumption in unused rooms or meeting rooms.
  • Energy management: Offers lower operating costs through effective energy management, lower fire risk and better management of energy consumption in different rooms. Energy management gives organisations a 360° view of the building status and integrates energy consumption data from power generators, factories, buildings and equipment to monitor and optimise efficiency


  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) improvement – monitoring of machine conditions: Reduces unplanned downtime and optimizes production output and efficiency by identifying optimal equipment configuration and preventing costly unplanned downtime.
  • Predictive maintenance – equipment health monitoring: Reduced unscheduled downtime and increased machine utilization, extended tool life, increased quality and reduced maintenance costs.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Protect & Connect: Keeps real-time track of vehicles and enables better route planning and lower fleet operating costs and environmental impact. Improves customer satisfaction and enables faster incident response times, reduces car theft and vehicle downtime.
  • Large-scale asset tracking: Provides real-time asset location and condition for better visibility, security and utilization and more accurate billing.


  • Intelligent stock management: Reduces situations where items are out of stock or lost, reduces employee time spent on searches and stock checks. Ensures faster product location, streamlined material handling and improved tracking information, accuracy and reporting.
  • Remote Refrigeration Monitoring: Ensures legal requirements for refrigerated goods are met; goods are tracked in real time, improved in-store operations, reduced downtime, reduction of spoiled goods and improved energy efficiency for refrigeration units.

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