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Stress-free IT: How to create a safe infrastructure

Backups are critical to limiting malware outbreaks.

Company: IT1 Customer: Municipalities Solution
IT1 will turn 25 next year and consists of four pillars: infrastructure, web development, education and short-term rental of IT material. A municipality that ensures backups are given a high priority and that opts for unburdening. HPE Simplivity

The municipality of Merelbeke started using IT1 seven years ago for what was then a rare “always-on” solution. At the time, it installed a metro-cluster with HP StoreVirtual, and this provided the municipality with the guarantee that all the data was stored in synchronisation at two separate locations.

Joeri D’hont, Key Account Manager at IT1, explains: “At the time, this solution only existed at HP. The requirement at the time was that if one location were to go down, work could immediately continue using the other. All the hardware was redundant and state of the art.” A 5-year budget was assigned for the solution because the chance of failure after that time increases, and with it, the support contract costs. The entire solution was due for replacement, and so the municipality of Merelbeke approached IT1 again.

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