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The Hype goes Hyper – for good reason

Is hyperconvergence really the next big thing in infrastructure? If so, how can the channel maximise the opportunities it presents and bag its share of the $2.5+ billion annual revenue it’s predicted to make?


HPE certainly has faith in hyperconvergence, having acquired SimpliVity for $650 million earlier. The name says it all; the headline benefit being the simplification of infrastructure. Integrating storage, virtualisation resources, network and other software components, it is also faster to set up and far more straightforward to administer than standard converged systems, while providing greater storage capacity

We provide some dazzling stats to back this up – claiming 90% storage capacity savings and 73% cost reduction because everything converges to a single, easy-to-use platform that leverages a familiar user interface; VMware vCenter. These stats are backed by third-party research too. For example, Forrester reports that SimpliVity provides backup management savings of three hours per day.

The good news for the reseller channel is that these solutions appeal to a relatively untapped market for this type of product – SMBs, remote offices, branch offices and business unit applications, particularly those with heavy workloads and/or extensive databases. At current rates of data expansion, these businesses won’t be able to run their existing workloads on the infrastructure they have at the moment. Rather than buying cloud space, these business have the option to control, manage and support through the one interface. As the super-charged computing power takes up less space than traditional systems, the compact footprint and affordable price makes it a perfect fit for small spaces and a relatively modest budget.


SimpliVity is also highly scalable, so resellers have the prospect of long-term relationships with those who adopt with all the possibilities for up- and cross-selling this may present. The analyst firm Gartner has said that hyperconverged systems will be mainstream within five years, so building up an expertise in the market now will hold a reseller business in good stead as demand grows in the future. IDC’s Worldwide Converged System tracker backs this up naming hyperconvergence as the fastest growing segment.

The launch of SimpliVity under the HPE banner represents a huge opportunity for the channel to make commercial gains, especially with the support and proof points readily available.

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