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The major challenge: data fragmentation

Data has become recognized as one of the most valuable resources in the digital business era – but it has also become one of the biggest obstacles to digital transformation. Why the paradox? It is due to a phenomenon called mass data fragmentation.

Mass data fragmentation refers to the huge and growing proliferation of data across different  locations, infrastructure silos and management systems that prevents organizations from fully utilizing its value.

The vast majority of an organization’s data (approximately 80 percent) is not mission critical. It is largely static secondary data that’s stored in backups, archives, file shares, object stores, development systems, analytics, datasets, private and public clouds.

Exploding data volumes and siloed, limited-purpose management tools have made it nearly impossible for organizations to protect or locate – let alone manage or exploit – their most important digital asset. Mass data fragmentation has become a headache for IT, largely due to lack of innovation by vendors that perpetuates an outdated and ultimately unsustainable approach.

Instead of treating their data as a competitive asset, most organizations view it as a costly storage bill, a complex management problem, a growing compliance exposure and even a risk to morale in IT.

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What will you learn? 

  • What’s causing mass data fragmentation?
  • What are the consequences for organizations if this problem isn’t addressed?
  • What is the upside for businesses if they can deploy technology that directly addresses mass data fragmentation challenges?

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