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The rise of e-commerce

Today the summer sales have started! Not only in stores, but also on the internet. That’s why we’d like to reflect about the rise of e-commerce.

57% of shopping is now done online

According to Mastercard only 43% takes place in-store, and this figure is even lower in the UK. Only 40% of transactions took place in-store in the UK – the lowest level in Europe.

The study, which took in the spending habits of more than 18,000 people across the continent, also found that just over a quarter (27%) of total spending now took place on mobile devices.

Retailers can use tech to enhance in-store shopping

Mastercard UK’s Head of Retail Janne Karppinen said that technology could be used to enhance the brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

She said: ‘Technology will have an increasingly important role in helping retailers get shoppers back to the high street. The most successful stores are always gearing themselves around the overall shopping experience.

‘These shops are becoming places to interact and personalize products, rather than simply a place to buy things. We expect to see this trend to grow as smaller retailers realise they can offer something the online world can’t.’

Retail Reflections’ Founder and CEO Andrew Busby agreed that the high street and smaller retailers with a physical presence still had some advantages over e-commerce channels. He said: ‘The continued growth of online means that retailers are now realizing that their stores must excel if they are to attract and retain customers. Whilst we enjoy researching high-value purchases online, we also value a great in-store experience where we can interact, touch and feel the product before we make the final purchase decision.’

Original article by Tech Data Newsflash. Edited by TDConnect editors. 

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