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Alex Ryals, VP Security Solutions at Tech Data, talks about the two crucial areas you need to consider while embracing next generation security.

Two unique areas to consider when building a security posture in vertical markets

Verticals suffer from the same security risks that other companies do; however, there are a few things unique to consider for verticals when it comes to building a cybersecurity posture – most specifically, the impact. There are two critical areas to consider: let’s take a look at how these two areas impact those in vertical markets.

The greater the perceived value of the data, the greater the risk

When calculating the potential cost of a breach, it is important to know the vertical because that will determine the price a hacker can get for the information they are stealing. Healthcare records typically contain more personal information in them per record than other information gleaned from the public sector or retail verticals. Therefore, the price of a healthcare record on the open market versus that of a financial record is almost double.
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How data is accessed, must be calculated into the plan

Many industries rely on mobile access – both internally and externally – for their employees to perform their jobs, as well as for customers to access services and assets provided by an institution.

Hundreds of hospital visitors can come and go from the hospital, each carrying a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop that they can tether to the hospital’s internet network. The retail market has a similar concern with the proliferation of IoT devices such as credit card readers, RFID tags on products, etc. This is making the devices easy targets for hackers.
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For that reason, companies need to focus on a holistic risk mitigation strategy, inclusive of securing their endpoints like email traffic and mobile devices connected to the network.  We often talk about securing the perimeter, but when you start to dig deeper to understand the new paradigms brought into various verticals by IoT, and by mobility of not only the workforce but of customers and stakeholders, you realize there is no more “perimeter” to speak of, and risk mitigation takes on new dimensions.  It is no longer a matter of “if” a breach will occur, but “when” a breach will occur and being prepared to act and react appropriately.

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This is part two of the three part series by Alex Ryals, VP Security Solutions at Tech Data.

This is part of a three part series. Read more:

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