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Video: the hybrid cloud explained

What is hybrid cloud? At a high level, hybrid cloud is simply the combination of public and private cloud environments working together to run your applications or workloads. With the growth of microservices, container-based applications, and orchestration tools, we’re seeing companies across all industries pressured to take advantage of public clouds.

Diving deeper into hybrid cloud, the resulting architectures prove to be unwieldy, and without the right tools, it can become an expensive development and operations effort. In this video, we overview the basics of a hybrid cloud environment by tackling a common use-case: migrating a legacy application to the cloud. We’ll then highlight and elaborate on key tenets of all hybrid clouds: interoperability, scalability, portability, and security.

Hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds

So together, with hybrid clouds, you get the features of interoperability, scalability, portability, as well as security. All of these come together to enable developers and companies to take advantage of the best of both worlds when running their applications.

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