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Business case: Access data without the risk of downtime

Company: InterIT Customer: Billiet – Vanlaere Solution
Solutions partner with expertise in Hybrid IT infrastructure, security, cloud & WAN Connectivity Wholesaler of catering materials with a strong focus on e-commerce Redundant Datacenter based in HPE Proliant DL 360, HPE Nimble HF20 42TB & HPE 5700 switch

Billiet is a leading importer and stock-keeping wholesaler of household, catering, gift and seasonal items.

Five years ago, the company invested heavily in computing power and deduplicating its storage capacity. There was no redundant computing power. Two physically-separated buildings on the site in Tielt each had its own data center. The reason behind this was to guarantee the retention of data in the event of emergencies, such as fire.

Interested in how InterIT solved the challenges of Billiet – Vanlaere? Download the business case!

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